5 Ways to Make Your Grad Feel Celebrated

Graduation season is upon us, Chicago, which means if you have a student graduating this year, you’re probably in full-party planning mode. We know that  Graduation season is often hectic for parents, with attending your child’s school events and parties and organizing your own.  So we at Roost wanted to help you by giving you five ways to make your Grad feel celebrated to ease your party planning stresses. 

  • Catering: Everyone knows that food sets the tone for any party, so finding catering that sets your party apart from the plethora of other grad parties this season is essential. Don’t worry; we at Roost got you covered. Our robust catering menu can serve anywhere from 10 to a thousand people in the greater Chicago region. At Roost, there’s something for everyone. Our southern comfort food will surely delight guests, whether they opt for our crispy fried chicken or a savory chicken biscuit. We even have a vegetarian option, the “Faux Fowl Sandwich.” We have creamy mac and cheese and chicken tenders for picky eaters and younger kids. As for dessert, look no further, as our peach cobbler and chocolate chip bread pudding will surely shine. Place your order now on our website. 
  • Decorations: Make your grad feel truly special by using personalized decorations. A fun way to do this is by making a  Banner using pictures of them from every grade or hanging their senior photos around the house or rental room. Of course, balloon arches and graduation backdrops in their school color are always a nice touch, but everyone’s party will have those things. Creating a customized poster with their name or a photo of them will make them feel seen and is something they can keep forever. Another way to personalize the decorations is the centerpieces on the tables. You can do mason jars filled with the grad’s favorite candy with mini grad caps on top. These can also be used as a take-home gift! You can also use emblems from different stages of their life, for example, a stuffed animal or trophy. 
  • Games: Let’s get personal… after filling up on all of the fried chicken and biscuits, people will need something to do. A great way to entertain at your child’s graduation party is by playing games. A game trending this year is “How Well Do You Know The Grad” You can buy these cards and have everyone answer trivia questions about the grad and whoever gets the most right wins a prize, or you can get creative and make your own questions. If you make your own questions, you can design them on Home – Canva or make a Kahoot to be put on a tv or projected outside. Other great grad games are bags, outdoor Connect 4, or Bacci Ball. 
  • Guest Book Whether your grad is graduating from junior high or high school, it is a significant accomplishment, but it can also be a hard transition for people. As your student steps into this new phase of life, they will need to know that they have people supporting them, which is why a guest book they can take with them into their next chapter is essential. A creative way to do the guest book is having everyone sign one of the graduate’s favorite children’s books or the classic “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr.Suess. Another way is by having people write advice on Jenga or Lego pieces. This way, anytime they play the game or build that Lego, they can be reminded of the people who are always there for them. 
  • Excursion If your graduate is more of an introvert or doesn’t want a big party. You can always do something special with just a few friends. Chicago is filled with many excursions that can set your party apart from the typical backyard bash. A few ideas could be tickets to a Cubs game, a boat tour at Navy Pier, visiting their favorite museum in the city, or going to an escape room. After the fun outing, you can eat at Roost or have a small catering order at home with your immediate family and close friends.  

We are so excited for your graduate and wish them all the best! If you want catering for your event, you can build your menu,  schedule your date, and pay securely on our website https://merch.roostisgood.com/catering/. If you have any questions or are stuck on ideas, we have a catering coordinator to help your planning process smoothly.